Component Manufacture

SRAIMS offer a competitive, timely and qualitative Service for procurement of your Engineering Components and sub-assemblies.

In a world increasingly dominated by low-cost products from countries in the Far East, retaining your competitive edge and at the same time maintaining quality is an ever increasing challenge.

As a manufacturer of Engineering Products, you are not looking for a sweatshop to make shoes or clothes. You need skilled people to do your job, proper machinery, selected Raw Materials, and above all a clear understanding and a will to conform to your Quality System.

There are maybe a million small workshops in India and the Far East who theoretically can make your component part; some, extremely cheaply. But, when you want consistent quality, with defects in parts per million or less, full material traceability, records of Heat Treatment and the like, produced in a plan with not only proper machinery but traceability of the calibration of their Measuring Instruments to a National Standard, your choices become limited. In fact, you have two choices – go to a very high end Shop (with its associated pricing), or engage SRAIMS!

We will get your parts manufactured at competitive pricing, following a manufacturing process approved by you, following your company’s Quality Management System; and ensure timely deliveries with minimum inventory holding cost.

Some of the manufacturing processes we can offer are Moulding & Casting, Forging, Precision Machining, Heat Treatment and Fabrication. All of these can be supported with Modern Inspection methods, and independent laboratories for Material Certification, and even Independent International Third Party Inspection if needed.

Among other primary Machine Tools available to us in the Shops, we also offer services on:

• 35 CNC lathes – 120 – 250mm Chuck size. Typically for 30mm to 300mm dia jobs.
• 8 VMC with 4th axis – horizontal indexing table.
• 4 VMC with Pallet changer….
• 2 CNC angular Grinders with 200mm clearance

Some of the Industries we have catered to are Pumps, Valves, Hydraulics, Compressors, Power Generation, Oilfield Equipment, Automotive, Industrial Lasers and Marking, Aerospace and Defence.

We also offer specialized Consultancy for Vendor Development as per your specific needs and requirements.